De Fuego is a sensational guitar duo, playing energetic instrumental flamenco and rumba-based music. The group has come a long way since coming together in 2010 and their humble beginnings as buskers in London’s markets. Soon after they started to get bookings in festivals because of their upbeat style of music and from 2012, every summer they headline in various festivals and performe in major ones such as Sziget Fesztival (HU), Glastonbury Festival, Vegfest, Secret Garden Party, Shambala and more. De Fuego also did their first European tour in 2014, visiting France, Germany and Spain. They also played for big organisations including Google (2015), Commonwealth nations ceremony awards (2016) and Greenpeace in Glastonbury festival (2016).

In 2012 De Fuego released their debut album, Bluebird, which was written primarily by Edina with two tracks by Davide. The album was reviewed in Songlines magazine in the Jan-Feb 2014 issue. The band run a successful kickstarter campaign in the beginning of 2015 to record their second album "Davide" which was released in October 2015 and being reviewed by many world music magazines, including Fatea Magazine, Songlines, F-roots.

In 2013 De Fuego lost a friend and founding member, Davide Lufrano Chaves after a courageous battle with Multiple Myeloma. In memory of Davide, De Fuego is officially supporting the cause of Myeloma UK, a charity that aims to raise awareness and work towards a cure for this rare type of blood cancer. He will be remembered forever and we hope to keep his memory alive with this music.

De Fuego continued with another solo guitarist, Marc Rodriguez Alvarez from Spain until the beginning of 2016. He played on the second album of the duo, called Davide (released in 2015).

From May 2016 the new guitarist of De fuego is Tony Calvo, Spanish flamenco and fusion guitarist. He brings his exciting and melodic guitar playing along side Edina's percussive and rhythmic guitar techniques to continue the high quality, energetic and passionate sound that people have come to know.

Some of the media quotes:

"Edina's rhythm is spot on, steady and punchy, and Mark's lead is both fluid and crisp." Fatea Magazine

"De Fuego are just something else. Totally humble and unassuming as individuals, but don’t let this deceive you! From the second the first pluck hits the airwaves you’re swept away with their passion"

"Even without the back-story this would be a superb album of exciting acoustic guitar playing. Go out and buy it." R2 magazine

"Their entertainment value can be likened to two polite boxers shadow-sparring or two tango dancers who have swalloed something and allowed their lower halves to go off and do the St. Vitus reel. This is spectacle" Songlines magazine

Radio appearances:
Phonix FM
Aculco radio
Radio guitar France